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"Call for papers: Spectrum International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research invites original and unpublished works to publish and to impact the respective research fields."

About the Journal

The Spectrum International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (Online ISSN:2583-9306), Spectrum Multidisciplinary is for short is an open access, peer-reviewed, referred journal in multidisciplinary research fields.

Vision Statement:

To bring up the quality and useful research publication for the society.

Mission Statement:

The Spectrum Multidisciplinary's purpose is to offer the quality publication to the budding researchers and active minds.
The Spectrum Multidisciplinary's value is to maintain the ethics in publication and contribute to the advancement of respective research fields. This makes us unique from other bogus indexed and impact factor journals.
The Spectrum Multidisciplinary's goal is to identify and encourage the aspiring minds in the respective research fields. We explore their active contribution to the world of useful research and enhancment of society needs.

The main goal is to spread knowledge by opening up a research conversation to the world. It anticipates serving as the global voice of researchers, Engineers and Scientists. Support of the academic research community is one of its defining criteria. The Spectrum Multidisciplinary wants to create a research environment where everyone has a voice. As implied, the originator held the opinion that every researcher had something worthwhile to contribute to the Journal that would benefit others. As a result, we have started a journal in multidisciplinary area for the benefits of spectrum of researchers.

In order to provide analysts, researchers, and teachers with distributed administrations that support their research needs, we achieve this by working closely with them. A fundamental component of our understanding objective is to publish journals of the most outstanding calibre with the greatest impact, showcasing creative research that accelerates future developments. Our primary goal is to ensure that our journals are widely dispersed so that researchers can access our content whenever and wherever they need it. In order to ensure that professionals have access to the latest information in the most practical format, Spectrum Multidisciplinary has continuously expanded alongside technological advancements. To increase the use and finding of our content, we are constantly improving our publication. Our aim is to improve academic research through quality initiatives. The journal is committed to advancing knowledge with the ultimate goal of strengthening research by first publishing your ideas to protect your research from others.

Journal Particulars
Title : Spectrum International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Frequency : Monthly
ISSN : 2583-9306
Chief Editor : Dr. R.K. Pongiannan B.E., M.E., Ph.D.
Publisher : Spectrum Publisher
Copyright : Spectrum International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Starting Year : 2023
Subject : Multidisciplinary Subjects: Engineering, Medical sciences, Management, Education, Humanities and Social sciences
Language : English
Publication Format : Online
Email Id : contact@spectrumjournals.com
Website : www.spectrumjournals.com
Address : Old No:109/New No:224, First floor, Allapichai Street, Opp. to MSB Marriage Hall, Trichy Road, Manapparai, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu-621306, INDIA.